Use the library’s computers?

Internet Access Policy

The Hudson Area Association Library provides access to all Internet resources equally to all Library users. The Library does not censor access to materials or protect anyone from information they may find offensive. The library supports intellectual freedom and has adopted the following statements as policy:  ALA Freedom to Read Statement, ALA Library Bill of Rights, the “Freedom to View” statement of the American Film and Video Association and Free Access to Libraries for Minors an Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights.

  • Parents and guardians of children under 18 years of age are solely responsible for the Internet information selected or accessed by their children. Parents and guardians, and only parents and guardians, may restrict their children, and only their children, from access to Internet resources via library computer. Parents and guardians are advised to supervise their children’s Internet sessions.
  • Internet services may be used only for legal purposes. Use of these services in violation of any local, state, or federal law or regulation or applicable court decision is prohibited. This includes any unauthorized copying of copyright protected material.
  • Access to the Internet via Library computer is intended primarily to provide an information resource. The Internet, as an information resource, enables the Library to provide information beyond the confines of its own collection. It allows access to ideas, information, and commentary from around the globe. Currently, however, it is an unregulated medium. As such, while the Internet offers access to a wealth of material that is personally, professionally and culturally enriching to individuals of all ages, it also enables access to some material that may be offensive, disturbing or illegal. The Library does not monitor and has no control over the information accessed through the Internet and is not responsible for its content.
  • Patrons are discouraged from viewing web pages that may be disturbing to other patrons.
  • Information obtained from the Internet may be reliable and current or it may be out of date or unreliable. Some information may not be available at all times. Evaluate all information carefully before relying on it.

Staff Assistance

Most library workers are volunteers and none is expert on the Library computers or Internet. Library staff is limited in the amount of help they can provide and the amount of time they can allocate to assisting individual patrons in using the computer. As funding permits, computer classes are offered by the library to help patrons improve their skills.

Download this policy statement for using the Library’s computers here.

Time Limits and Saving Files

Each patron is allowed an hour of Internet/computer access per day on the public computers. Patrons using the Internet/computer for job searches may use a computer designated for this purpose. The computers are automatically wiped clean of documents and downloads after logging off. Please be sure to email your work to yourself or otherwise save your files before your session ends. Visitors to the library with photo ID may use a visitor’s pass to access the Internet/computers.