Volunteer at HAL

Volunteers are central to the success of the library.

Volunteers work regularly scheduled hours at the main circulation desk, shelve materials, check the shelves so that books, DVDs and so on are in the correct order. Every time we have a public event we need volunteers to set up the room with chairs, tables, and other equipment. A volunteer greets people attending the event, provides them with handouts and collects donations.

The Program Committee is composed of volunteers working on creating and delivering the many programs put on by the library. These come in many shapes and forms, lectures, music, movies, exhibits, craft workshops and lots more.

The Local History Room contains unique resources for the history of Hudson and surrounding communities. Volunteers are involved in maintaining the collections and helping visitors find the information they need about family genealogy and other questions. They also do research to answer questions that come to the library from around the country and the world.

Since only 35% of our budget comes from public tax support, volunteers work on the Fundraising Committee to raise the funds we need to keep the library a lively vibrant place.  We hold two large events every year, the Annual Gala and the Ghostly Gallop, our own 5K run, walk, bike event. In addition there are numerous smaller fundraising events. All of these events need volunteers to do everything from planning the whole affair to directing traffic in the parking lot.

The Marketing Committee works with all of elements of the library to get the message out about what is going on. This includes graphic design, writing, blog posts, social media, printed flyers and postcards, and now more often video.

The Volunteer Committee works on finding volunteers and keeping the ones already working for the library happy.

There are many different types of opportunities to fit many different schedules. The library needs people who can work regularly scheduled hours and also occasional work on specific events for just a few hours.

Apply To Be a Volunteer

Go to our Volunteer Information Center to see current opportunities. You can also complete an application form to become a volunteer. Once you have submitted your application a library staff person or Volunteer Committee member will contact you for an interview so we can learn more about you and you can learn more about volunteering at the library.

The library provides volunteers with an orientation session and, as required, additional training for specific tasks.

HAL Volunteer Information Center

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